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 Skill Training and Skills

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PostSubject: Skill Training and Skills   Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:01 am

Skill Training and Skills

Skill training is the process of taking off some extra time to level up your skill rank. Typical methods of skill training are:
1. Using novice/apprentice skills on monsters that give you 0 exp
2. Punching
3. Killing dungeon doors
4. Dummies (only available in some versions under premium account)

In CABAL, every class has both sword skills and magic skills. That's right, even warriors can use magic and even wizards can use physical attack skills. For both of these skill ranks, you can obtain the rank of Transcender, and every skill rank gives you special stat bonuses as well. Here's a general run down.

----------------- | -----------Sword Skills------------ | -----------Magic Skills-------------|
Novice -------- |------------No bonuses------------- |-----------No bonuses--------------|
Apprentice ---- |-Str+4/Dex+4/HP+20/MP+10---- |-Int+4/Dex+4/MP+20/HP+10---- |
Regular --------|-Str+6/Dex+6/HP+30/MP+15---- |-Int+6/Dex+6/MP+30/HP+15---- |
Expert ---------|-Str+8/Dex+8/HP+40/MP+20-----|-Int+8/Dex+8/MP+40/HP+20-----|
A.Expert ------ |-Str+10/Dex+10/HP+50/MP+25--|-Int+10/Dex+10/MP+50/HP+25- |
Master ---------|-Str+12/Dex+12/HP+60/MP+30--|-Int+12/Dex+12/MP+60/HP+30- |
A.Master ------ |-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+70/MP+35--|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+70/HP+35- |
G.Master ------ |-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+80/MP+40--|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+80/HP+40- |
Completer -----|-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+90/MP+45--|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+90/HP+45--|
Transcender -- |-Str+14/Dex+14/HP+100/MP+50-|-Int+14/Dex+14/MP+100/HP+50-|

In the end you get the following stat boost:

+108 STR, +216 DEX, +108 INT, +270 HP, +270 MP

Now, considering how you gain 5 stat points a level, that means that you gain 86.4 levels of stats from just getting double transcender. Slapping that onto the cap level of 150, that makes your character capable of hitting level 236, figuratively.


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Skill Training and Skills
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